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What we do

Time is money! As a company you do not want to invest to much time and effort in things that are not your core business. You want to do where you are good at and that contributes to your turn over and profit. You want to leave all the money and time consuming hassle to others. And that is why BESA Formworks International Ltd. is your service provider.

As a service provider for the concrete industry we will be happy to supply our customers with:

Installation work:
Installing new or existing moulds in your factory ensuring your daily production can continue with as little as possible disturbence.


Installation work

Relining and reskinning existing moulds ensuring that older moulds can start a second life cycle. In our scope of work we also offer the modification of concrete machines.



Sometimes things go wrong. We can arrange 24/7 quick repair (on site as well as in our factory) in order to keep your downtime as short as possible. Time is money!

24/7 quick repair

Every tool needs maintenance. We can take that burden of your shoulder. We offer a wide variety of servicepackages, from “on demand service” to “full operational schedules”

You need a part or a tool engineered and manufactured? We can help you out, that is sure!

New Moulds:
In conjunction with the Netherlands-based sister company BESA Bekistingen Formworks BV, we can supply a wide range of new moulds, including design and engineering and all necesairry equipment as hydraulic systems, stop ends etc.


a wide range of new moulds


a wide range of new moulds