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About us

In 2011 Bert Minekus established BESA Bekistingen / Formworks BV in The Netherlands with the purpose to produce modern  moulds for the concrete industry by introducing an new way of working, while retaining good old fashion quality.

Over the last 4 years his passion for formworks resulted in an extensive and solid clientele worldwide and specially in the United Kingdom.

To be able to offer an even more profound service to the clientele  the establishment of a division in the United Kingdom seemed to be the only logical way to expand  business.

BESA Formworks International Ltd. offers a range of high quality services, such as mould Construction, refurbishment, modernization, modification and site repairs, as well as fabrication of auxilliary steel products for the concrete industry at a competitive price.



Bert Minekus – Managing Director

Bert Minekus
is, in his role of Managing Director responsable for the daily management and sales. Bert has a long experience in international Business-to-Business trade. After his education he spent some years in France, Germany and Belgium, and now he settled part- time in the United Kingdom. Bert loves good food (eating and cooking!), good books and good motorcycles.


Ingrid Happel – Project Manager

Ingrid Happel
is in her role as Project Manager responsible for planning and finance of the projects of BESA Formworks International Ltd. Ingrid has a lot of experience as Project Manager in big, complexe environments and is very interested in the technical part of BESA. Ingrid is also appointed as the HSE-officer. She is a very good cook and is a huge animal friend.